Wednesday, 16 March 2016


The other day I was deeply thinking about the purpose, aim, sense of life:-) Just everyone has those moments when constantly asking themselves, what are we all doing here? Highly personal opinions, decisions, motivations, anyway, we all are still the humans therefore there must be something common....or not? Well, if you really want to find out what keeps you here on the planet Mother Earth, it's never-ending deep digging into your soul. Don't agree? When the child is born, no-one ever knows what will happen with their life. Who may even guess? Astrologists would say, everything is written in the stars, sociologists would insist on impact and influence of the society, family, relatives, environment, etc. In all my humble opinion, I reckon that the one needs really all and nothing to pick the decision once the child becomes the adult. Moreover, nobody may change his or her parents, mother tongue, relationships in the family, the country where was born, toooooo many things to give you or take you any chances. How can one fight with those demons, status quo, the given situation and dealt cards in one's hand, can you ever change it? Nope, no chance. And that's the point where it all begins, where it all just makes it more interesting, appealing, daunting, or lovely when talking about the human's destiny, soul, decisions, etc. If you happen to hear children talking about their future many times, one may listen to something like: I want to be a superstar, I wanna be a gangster, I want to become a President, or just driver, astronaut, scientist....etc. Sooooo lovely and clean, soooo beautiful in the spirit of child's visions and hopes. For adults, immediately red controls pop up, what the hell is going on with this child? Well, nothing serious, kids all over the world have the utter right, passion and credit to become what they want. However, where does the reality stand in here? Everyone from time to time stands in the position of real turn, breaking point or change of their direction. Don't you have that feeling to return to that childhood and just dream and think of being someone else, somewhere else, somewhat different, in other times? I would love to feel the tastes, colours, spirits of that free childhood when everything was possible and all was just the vision and possible reality one day. As we are getting older, we just accept the reality as it is. Is it different in your case? I wouldn't say twice that no. How can one decide on whether going right or left? Massively hard these days....sooo puzzling. Once I thought to myself that I will read all the books of the world, will travel all the countries of the world, will become someone important, but it hasn't still happened. We all are here to embrace, take the advantage of all the opportunities, if they come. If not, just get your turn, go your own way, make it as you want, don't read about it much, just follow your instincts, brain, wanting, heart, motives! Whatever you ever listen from anyone in your life, it basically isn't the right, bad, wrong, the best one, it is just one of many options and that's the mystery of life, to pick that RIGHT for you! How can one know?




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